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Online Division of N.C. ORDNANCE Inc.

Offering Over 2200 Reproduction U.S. & Foreign Grips, Buttplates & Grip Caps
Manufacturing the finest quality
Reproduction Gun Grips and Buttplates for 43 years.

We Make Grips, Buttplates & Grip Caps for Colt, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Winchester, Beretta, FN,Walther, Webley, Astra, Hawes, VA Dragoon, Mauser, Sauer,L.C. Smith, Browning, Merwin Hulbert, Pietta, Uberti, US Firearms, MAB, Llama, Luger Radom, CZ, Star, Astra, Merkel, Unique, Iver Johnson,Marlin, Parker, Stevens, Savage, Mossberg, Sears, Ithaca, Fox, Bayard,H. Pieper, Iver Johnson, Hopkins & Allen, Benelli, Baker, Ballard, Bullard,Husqvarna, FG42, H&R, Sharps, Hollenbeck, Charles Daly, Valmet, Sjogren,Suhl, American Gun Co. & Syracuse.   


We Also Sell MSA/Marbles Original Collector Knives, Axes & Reproduction Parts.

    Our Pistol & Revolver Grips are produced in "Classic" Ivory-Like™, Black Urethane,
Stag-Like, Imitation Jigged Bone, Pearl Premium, Ivory-Lux™ Dupont™ Corian®,
Barked Ivory-Like, Imitation Jigged Buffalo Horn, Royalwood (Faux Wood),
King Grade Cocobolo Rosewood, Siamese Rosewood, Goncalo Alves Wood, Tigerwood,
Walnut, Real Elephant Ivory, Siberian Mammoth Ivory & Fossilized Alaskan Walrus Ivory.









Importers & Manufacturers Only:

We Can Custom Produce Any Part You Need.
We Can Make Thumb Rests on Any Grip Allowing You 5 Points with ATF.
Custom Laser Engraving of YOUR Logo Available on Most Grips
To Enhance the Beauty & Offer Unmatched Personalization.

Low Cost, Fast Prototypes, 10 or 10,000. Let Us Put Your Idea in Engineered Urethane!



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