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Aging or Antiquing Ivory-Like Grips

The newer urethanes doesn’t age by soaking in coffee or tea, like the older urethanes. 
They’ve been chemically stabilized to hold the color & resist shrinkage. However, there are ways to do it. 

If you click on our "Video" Category, there's a You Tube video: 
"How to Stain polyurethane Ivory Grips to obtain an aged yellow look." 

The person in the video is using grips manufactured by us. He's using leather dye colors. It's a very instructional video.  

We also have a customer who wanted a more antiqued look, rather than yellow. 
He used 320 grit sandpaper to put the grain look in there before applying the dye.
He used Fiebings golden brown leather dye & cut it 50-50 with rubbing alcohol, so he didn’t go too far too fast. 

Many customers have asked about aging ivory grips. We want to provide this info. 
Obviously, grips that have been altered are not returnable, so fit them on your firearm first!


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