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Here are just some of the many comments we receive from our satisfied customers....

Hello Bill,

 The beautiful rosewood grips arrived safely today.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the craftsmanship and wood grain.  With some minor fitting, they now look spectacular on my post-war P38. 

I just left positive feedback for you.  Thank you for your prompt shipping, careful packing, and for your making these grips available on GB.  I look forward to future purchases from NC Ordnance!

 Best regards,



 Thank you for making these beautiful rosewood grips available and for shipping them out so promptly.
 I do appreciate the positive feedback and will certainly reciprocate once I have received them.  

 Best regards,


The grips arrived today. They are gorgeous, and fit better than the original, admittedly worn, grips. I have left positive feedback for you. 

 Thanks again for your help, and if I need new grips in the future I know where to come!


Dwight L.

Grips came today absolutely perfect fit.
Good looking as well.


Received the grips on 02/07/24 very nice fit perfect shipped quick..

 I ordered the correct one. It fits perfect. Thank you very much for carrying new copies of the old gun parts. And I’m glad I bought the screws from you.
They are exactly what we needed. I thank you very much for all your help and I will absolutely post positive feedback. Thanks again. 

Todd S

Thank you, I received the grips and they look amazing on my first generation, nickel colt, SAA. 

 Charles N.

They fit like a glove!! I always thought the Ruger Wrangler was a plane looking six shooter, but with your grips on it, the gun looks fantastic!!!!!

You run an excellent organization. Feedback is+++

Your order was shipped today by US postal service. I have posted positive feedback on gunbroker for you.

If you are satisfied when you receive your order, please do the same for us. Thank you.

Julie, Good Afternoon,

 I received your package today.  Everything was received in good shape. I will see my gunsmith tomorrow. Thanks for going way beyond good customer service. 

  Thanks very much!

   Brent Heatherly

Sir, want to thank you for sending my Rosewood grips that fit my Bersa Thunder 380 cc, like a glove.  Couldn't be happier.

And, extremely pleased with the service: ordered Sunday afternoon & rec'd my pkg this Wed afternoon.  Keep ya in my list finder for sure.
Blessings Too. 

Thanks The grips are really nice looking and fits great!


Grips arrived today and are awesome, thank you!! Positive feedback posted, as well.



Well the grips came in the mail today and they fit like a glove. Thank you very much I'm extremely happy with them.

Thanks, Phil

I received the Police Positive grips I ordered by phone last week and they were perfect in every way.
Walter l.
Just received them! Thank you so much,
the grips are awesome! 

I love the plate and screws I bought fit really nice great quality. 
Thank you Chris

Thanks for all your help. These grips fit like a glove on an early 1905 Smith and Wesson mp in a 38 special.
Mr. Harvey,
 I wanted to say how pleased I am with N.C. Ordnance ... and how glad I am that I found your website.  Your prompt shipping of orders is outstanding.
 And ... the best thing is the quality!  I had been looking for a replacement for the M49 butt plate for decades ... the original broke in the 1980s. 
Your item fit perfectly and now my rifle is back in its original condition.
The wenge wood grips for my L-frame Smith & Wesson are outstanding!  Again ... I had been looking for something close to the original S&W combat grips
... and all others were nowhere near what the originals were.  I do not know why S&W chooses to put such sub-standard grips on their revolvers these days. 
But your grips are so close to the originals that I would be unable to tell them apart.  They are exactly what I had been looking for and what I needed. 
So glad that I was able to snag your last pair of the wenge wood grips.  I was not aware of such a wood ... but it is amazing.
 Thank you again for the quality of your items and for your prompt shipping ... a sign of outstanding customer service.
 Bob B.
Maxwell, NM    
Hello, me again,

I ordered a Colt Python grip. Just wanted to tell you I’m very happy with it and ordered another. The carving and finish is stunning. 


Order has arrived extremely fast, grips are definitely good, this is the second time I've had to purchase these vintage grips. 
Someone else sold me junk. I'm really pleased with your product.

thank you so much

Hi, My order came today and the gripes are a perfect fit. The screw was a little long, a little over an eighth of an inch. I cut it off with my Dremel and it worked perfect. 
I am going to give you the highest rating because you responded to my inquiry in a prompt and professional manner. Additionally,
the gripes are a perfect fit and are identical to the ones I was looking for. The quick shipping was another big plus.
I will recommend you to my friends and will continue to visit your site for my future needs.

Thank you very much. Mark 

Very pleased. Quick service (they say within 12 hours), I have no reason to doubt it. These grips add a very distictive look to a classic 62 year old Colt Official Police
that was the property of my late brother. I highly recomend NC Ordance to anyone looking for quality grips.
They even sent me a catalog so I'll be looking to see what else I might purchase.

5 out of 5 stars.

Grip caps received. Thanks for the fast shipping and a perfect product. Positive feedback left on GunBroker.
Thanks, James B. (Old Vet!)

Just to let you know… that I did receive the above subject grips in 
the morning mail run and in good shape. Thank you so much again for 
all your continued help and support with this item.

The news grips arrived and I have to say they look outstanding on my old Colt. Good job and patience to find the right product.


Just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how incredibly pleased I am with the grips I received today. The quality was amazing and far better than what I expected. My 1915 army special came with factory engraving and factory mother of pearl grips, and I had wanted to put something else on there to preserve them. These are fantastic and I will be ordering from you again.

Thank you again for creating such a quality product

Very best,

John N.

A+: Well goddamn, I have purchased a lot of grips in my life.
these grips are superior to every grip I’ve ever purchased.
They look excellent, functionally perfect. Hunt in grizzly country.

Thank you for the follow up. 

You are to date, the most thorough and responsive gunbroker seller I have encountered.

You should be proud. 


Fantastic!!! I'll be back for more!


This company gives a superior product in record time

B. Gray in Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Mr. Harvey,

The Uberti grips arrived today for my 1858 Remington and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with them.
Thanks again for making such a wonderful product!


I received above grips today and they fit perfectly on my  grandfather's old pistol.  I can't thank you enough for the service Donald gave to me in helping me to find the exact grips I needed.  It is truly a pleasure to today's world to be able to call a phone number and speak personally with someone who cares about helping you.  Thanks again for everything and I will certainly pass your site on to other individuals who might be in need of your service.  I found it to be very unique.  If you'd like to use my review online, please feel free to do so.
 I received my OEM reproduction grips for my Webley Mark VI and was happy with the quality and fit.
John M.

I received them yesterday when I got home. They are awesome! Thank you for a quality product.
Randy A.

Just received my second set of NC Grips for my Pietta.  This set went right in with about 30 seconds of knocking off a small high spot.
Very satisfied with these new grips.

Mark H.

Mr. Harvey,

Thank you for the new grips for the Ballester Molina and the USMC 1911
grips. The Ballester Molina grips fit perfectly. Please see the
pictures in attachments. Feel free to use these pictures for your
website and for advertising purposes. There is little (if any)
shrinkage from the originals, that I can perceive. Great improvement!
And the color is spot on, too. I think anyone who owns a Ballester
Molina will be pleased with this product. They feel great in the hand
and help the shooter get a good, firm grip on the weapon. And, they
look "correct" on the gun. I think this will be a good peoduct for
your company.

Per your generous offer, since you already sent the USMC 1911 grips,
here's the 4 other grips that I would like:

1) RJBH9 Colt 1911 Officers Model Imitation Jigged Buffalo Horn Grips

2) IL10FA Colt 1911 Dupont Corian Ivory-Lux Grips (FLAT BOTTOM TO FIT MAG WELL

3) RRH9 Colt 1911 Officers Model Reproduction Ram Horn Grips

4) S9 Colt 1911 Officers Model Stag-Like Grips

Philip Q.

Perfect fit for my lemon squeezer. Super fast delivery. Friendly service.

James N.

Received my Grips today they are perfect.Fit was excellent.You offer a great replacement product 
Thank You
Joe M.

Hey Bill,
Just a note to tell you I got the grips today and I must say they are some of the prettiest 
walnut Colt grips I’ve ever seen. They fit my Official Police like they were fitted at the
Colt factory. I couldn’t be more pleased...check in the mail tomorrow . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Harry

Hello Bill, the 3 pairs of grips arrived today, these are superb repros (i couldnt tell the difference from the original sauer grips
(other than they are cracked, LOL)
thank you for your excellent service and help, it has been a pleasure to deal with you,
this is a 5 star review for a now highly recommended site,
best regards kev

Just received my new grips and very satisfied.  Looks great and awesome delivery time. I will definitely be doing business and recommending you guys. Thanks again

 Troy Miller

Received the grips in the mail supper fast and installed them that moment . Very nice , I like them a lot . Good service , good business ! Thank you , Gary W

Wow the order arrived today, came extremely quick and they grips fit 
perfectly. I had to shave off one little bump that wasn’t flat on one 
grip but other than that they are perfect thank you I am glad my search 
is over.  Charlotte H.

You’re Grips are second from the bottom, with a set of S&W original Combat Grips below on the 3”.

“The fit of the medallions and the finish is much better on your grip than on the factory S&W Combat & Target grips.” David M.

Hello Gripper, “It took a while to get my 2 stocks back from the re-finishers but your butt plates fitted very well & just make a good job look better. Many thanks, I would certainly buy from you again in the future.” Best regards, Frank W

Wanted to just say, "nice job, good work'" Other than the most minor of butt pin enlargement, the grips fit great. I've already mentioned your business to a friend who is also a collector.” This pistol was a gift to me from my brother-in-law. And even though I realize as a handgun it has a low value,..... one can't place a value on a gift given out of familial ties. I'd received the gun with a destroyed right-side grip and a worn out left. Heck, might have the old girl re-nickled!! Again, Thank you. Renard G

I recently received grips for 1927 colt police positive special. The grips fit perfect.

Arthur M.

Thanks for the great service and the superb grips. 

I couldn't have asked for anything better.  

Here's a pic of my Colt 1917 with the Walnut grips. 

.God bless,  Greg W., NC


Received the grips and screws, due to work and weather it took a few days to get to the range. They are great, defiantly larger than what I had and appreciate the dark color. The larger size and checkering help to "tame the snake".
I left a good review on Gun Broker to help you out.
Thanks so much for those Savage Model 1907 grips! They look great and are a PERFECT fit! I've posted feedback for you as well. A+ all the way.
 Doby P, NM
I just want you to know I rec’d the grips for my K-L frame S & W.   WOW.  Super nice. 
Thank you for the quick shipping and great Goncola Alves grips.  Going to order another pair.

Milt W.

Got my new grips in today. Looks much better. Old grips were worn to say the least. They fit perfectly . 
I am so proud of my gun. You guys are awesome.
Slick R.

Good morning sir hope you are well through what is going on in the world. I have bought from you before on Gun Broker. I just got the grips today
they were just like the last ones perfect I wish I could leave you a good feedback on Gun Broker. If I have to buy more grips or anything
else I will sure order from you.

I want to thank y'all for your AWESOME service during these strange times. My order was taken, processed, shipped and received in 3 business days. 
That's fantastic! I've used in the past to provide my customers the finishing touch on a restoration or repair. The majority of our calls 
at Randen Arms Service are for repairs on firearms that are long out of production or very obscure guns. Finding a set of original style grip panels for
a M.A.B model D for an outstanding price right in our own state is incredible. Also, thanks for including the catalog in our order, we will make sure
that NC Ordinance/ is our GO-TO source for the items you specialize in. Thanks again and be healthy, Randy Rabinowitch Randen Arms Service Corp Inc 336-309-3995

Thank you so much for these nice grips I love them thanks again.
Lake Bauer

Just received my order of J98 Schofield grips.
They Look and fit perfect!!
Keith S.

I purchased a set of Goncalo grips for a Ruger XR3. they fit and feel better than the orginals.
Phil F.

thank you for your quick service on my order.
Machelle L.

Thanks for the superb customer service!


I just received my Webley grips.  They fit perfectly.
I was surprised they arrived so soon.

I wanted to say I am very happy with my recent order of grips for my Uberti and Pietta Colt SAA clones. The grips fit perfectly with no need for alterations. Thank you for offering variants for the Colt clones.

 Will you be offering grips for the Uberti 1872 Colt Open Top Revolvers? I am interested in getting stag/ivory grips for this model.

 Thank you in advance.

 Todd B.

Thank you very much, Bill.

 My Grips arrived to-day, Perfect fit. I am delighted with them.
Best Regards, Brian.

Thank you for my Remington Smoot Grips.
Perfect fit. Very pleased. Regards Brian.

Hello Bill Got my grips They complete my restoration Very happy mate Thanks very much

Hi Bill,
Grips received today. Very fast shipping.

My order for a pair of G16 Colt Police Positive arrived faster than expected.

They are a perfect fit to my revolver and look exactly like the originals I am replacing.
I did shorten the grip screw and colored it with magic marker to copy the original bluing, an easy adjustment.

Many thanks, 5 Stars!

Harold F. , Alamo, CA

The stevens grips arrived yesterday, and I want to thank you for your excellent customer service.

 I am very pleased with the product as well as your promptness in sending it.  
A great company.

Marvin P.

Good morning Julie

I received the package today morning. The grips are so amazing. 
Very good job.
Thank you very much to you and to Bill.
Have nice day


 P.S. He was moved and cried like a little boy.

 Thank you

Awesome, thank you so much!

Carlos T.


I've just received my purchase yesterday. I'm very satisfied about your grips and I will recommend your company around me.
Thank you also for your catalog. Hope to make deal with you again. 

Best regards



 Thay have arrived and look fantastic,

 Thanks you very much,

  Beat regards, Rod F.


Today I´ve received your parcel. It has been a pleasure to have a deal with you.

Best regards
Miguel  S.

thank you for your speed of sending


Thank you sir!

They have shipped already, thats awesome!!!

Conrad P.


Hey Bill!!, just got the Python grips you sent to the U.K .,really.really nice

many thanks,top product,top service,many thanks,Steve James.

Received the grips today. They fit perfectly. Thank you. George

wow super fast. do you also have a tracking number for me? nice greetings from austria, Martin

Thank you. Grips arrived today, way faster than expected. Great customer service. The grips look great and with about 1/2 hour of fitting they are perfect! 

 Thanks again.

 Sam G

Ordered on Friday received on Monday-
but the best is-B304-perfect! almost gave up looking thanks

Larry O.

Dear Bill:

Just received my grip order!  The quality of your replacement grips is outstanding!  I remember going to the OGCA shows 25~30 years ago and meeting you guys and buying replacement grips from your show stocks. 

 Have been gunsmithing for over 50 years.  Still at it!!!  Many thanks for getting my order out fast and making the guns I repair look good!

 Best regards,

Charlie Erb

Many thanks Bill.

 I look forward to receiving it....... the previous order arrived yesterday and I'm well pleased with it..... excellent products which really add the finishing touches to my restored shotguns....

 best wishes,


Hi Bill,

Many Thanks for the info.

PS. You have Great Gun grips


Tadeusz G.

Hi Julie,  
  The Mike Humphreys story in the current American Handgunner 
  was (and rightly so)... quite flattering.
  I'm very happy you and Bill are getting a well deserved
  Atta Boy in the Best handgun publication in the market place.
  Your products are 1st class.
  The Tiger Wood grips I got from you for my carry "FN P-35 Hi Power"
  always get noticed, and admired.
  Proud to know you,
   Dick B.

Kudo: Absolutely beautiful grips thank you very much...
Luis M.

Got this and I'm quite pleased. Great look and finish, fits very well. Thank you for the help!

Dear customer service. I just got home and as I pull up to my driveway I grab the mail. Your product has arrived. I reviewed your note about same day service. I thought that was pretty cool. Thanks. I also reviewed the return policy and I am happy to say it won’t be necessary because they fit perfect.Now it looks like a toy. Ha Ha. thanks again, hope for future business.

Got a set of 1911 grips from you came yesterday great
grips thank you
Gary S.

Hi, Order arrived today.. Great Service ! 
I Appreciate the Quick Send ! ,
Items - Perfect!
Best Regards, Gerald (Christchurch, New Zealand)


 Thanks a million, this will save me an hour to set up the lathe to make one.

The grips fit like a glove in every way, no proud metal anywhere.


 Just received replacement grips and $5 adjustment - Thank you for your

prompt and generous response.
I have several of your grips and am pleased with all.
Thank you again.

Hello Bill,

Today I received the " Bolo " grips.
Fitted perfectly and very nice piece of work.
Many thanks.
Greetings from Holland

 I got my replacement pair of Webley grips today. Thank you for your
  Rick  in Ca

I LOVE my ram's horn grips! If you get a set for a Gen 3 Colt SAA, let me know! 

I've got an engraved one I'd love to have a set of these on. I tried to leave feedback,

but I'm not getting a link to do that any more.
James T., DDS



 Thanks a million, this will save me an hour to set up the lathe to make one.

The grips fit like a glove in every way, no proud metal anywhere.


Dear N.C. Ordnance,

I wanted to let you know I received the C22 grips I ordered for my Colt Trooper Mk III.  The grips fit extremely well, 
and I am quite satisfied with their look. I’ve had some difficulty finding a “Magna” style grip/stock for this revolver;
the “Magna” fits my hand the best of all grips/stocks I’ve tried. While easy to find for a Smith & Wesson revolver,
tough to find for a Colt product unless of course there’s a willingness to pay a LOT of money for custom work.
Thank you again, and I plan on future purchases for my other revolver. Sincerely, Tom L. p.s. I had a very nice conversation with the lady who took my order. I can’t recall her name, but we

spoke of Southern Oregon (where I’m from); she had spent some time in the Klamath Falls area. Thanks to her as well!

Just a note to let you know the old style astra cub model 2000 grips arrived in record time and fit perfect. Thanks for making my day.
Robert F.

I received my order. I’m very pleased. I have 20 other handguns. I’ll be ordering more grips. Thanks again 


Thanks for the excellent product, fit perfect on my 104 year old Colt.

Robert W.

Just wanted to tell you I am just tickled with my Astra 400 grips.   Changed the whole character of the gun.   I'll spread your cards out.  

  Butch G.   Winnemucca,  NV

Received my jig-bone grips for Pietta 1873 model & well pleased

Thank you,

 John L.


Want to thank you for the prompt shipping of a quality product (Remington 1875-1895 "Outlaw" faux ivory grips) I've just received. Now I'm thinking about swapping out others to preserve the originals.

I will pass the word - thank you & good luck,


Hello William,

the order has been delivered today, your 2 weeks forecast was a little
pessimistic LOL!! In fact you are right there's always good surprises in
that case Hehehe!!! It took just a week to cross the Ocean from NC to

The grips fit perfectly, just a little adjustment needed in the upper
angles, easily done with a tiny file and it's invisible after finishing
with a 00000 oiled sandpaper...

If you're interested you can put that comment on the "user comments"
webpage and I can snap a pic or two if needed...

Thanks again for the high quality of your products and I'll let your
cards in my shooting club...

Best Regards

Brittany - France

Merci beaucoup !


Salutations françaises. 


Alexandre H

Dear Bill,

       I just received and installed the new grips I purchased from you 
at the N.C.Ordnance.Inc. website. I want to send a heartfelt thank you 
for this excellent product . It fits this old Hopkins and Allen Safety 
Police Revolver (.32 CAL.)(nickle plated) so perfectly that I felt I 
wanted to tell you how pleased I am with these grips. As well as their 
$30.00 price tag. I also appreciated the brass screw set you used with 
these grips. (there is one internet outfit I checked out that wanted 
$35.00 for just the grips and another $16.50 for a screw set without 
drawings or And then , to my good fortune. I found 
N.C.ORDNANCE . This little revolver may seem inconsequential to many , 
but it is a cherished keepsake to me ,with cracked grips...until now. 
Your work is very much appreciated and admired. Your supply of "exact 
size line drawings" is extremely helpful and impressive. You know what 
it is like to try and compare pictures , on the internet , with what you 
are replacing. And how it is nearly impossible to make a clear judgement 
on a good fit and finish. Your drawings solved this for me. It is a 
brilliant idea and great service you offer. You have become my "GO-TO" 
guy for these types of needs . And I'll be certain to pass on my 
experience to friends and family .Thank you for sending the catalogue 
and a few business cards with the grips . Next trip to my gun shop I'll 
give the owner a couple of these cards . You have a really well set up 
website and have very apparently put your heart and soul into creating 
this operation . And it shows. So, I thank you and your colleagues for 
all of it . I'll be back again for sure . Until then take care ,God 
bless , and thanks again.

Mark M. L.

You certainly are knowledgeable with the product you provide.
  I have many friends that are gun enthusiasts/collectors, and I will be happy to tell them
about N.C. ORDNANCE INC's web site. Which by the way is quite substantial.
Frank G.

Hello Bill, from Ron E. Just to let you know my order 5040 came today in
record time. I was so pleased with that I needed to let you know. Thank you
kindly. And I will pass on your business card to others.
Many thanks again.

Just wanted to thank you folks for the very quick and efficient service on my order (#5109), and thanks for the catalog. Will be sure to use your products in the future. The butplate B35420 fits the old stock I'm restoring almost perfect.
Your outline pattern fit system works great for finding what can be used on no name stocks.

Thanks again,

Dave E.

WOW! , Just got those grips for my .45. Made it look like a million dollars , thanks ! I'am gonna tell all my bubbies you got

the grips !     Thanks again , Lon

Thanks for being an ethical dealer 😄
Robert H.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the order update and fast shipping.

Pablo G.


thanks i get grips

 great quality  

i place soon another other



have a nice day

Just to let you know, gun grips arrived Ok and fit. 




A simple word of thanks..... both shipments arrived safely yesterday (Tuesday)... wonderful service.... and the grips .... superior quality.... I am very pleased with them....


Thank you again and best wishes,



Hey this is Bearbones from GunBroker.. I ordered a set of Walnut grips for my bright stainless Colt Anaconda. They came in a little dark and

didn't fit quite right. I sent them back and you replaced them immediately.

I just wanted to say thanks, you guys are great appreciate your business

Randy G.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your business to make my older S&W look like new again.
Joe G.

 Michael H. CA  6/1/2017

Fastest shipper, excellent seller, nice grips will look great on my Taurus Gaucho
 Wes J. SD  5/27/2017

Very nice product. Fast and friendly service. Thank you.
 Charles B. OR  5/26/2017

Great to do Business with, I will go back anytime.
 Larry P. OR  5/26/2017

Very fast service and a perfect fit, I only wish I knew they were available in brown. Thanks
 Kenneth D. SC  5/24/2017

Awesome grips. Very fast shipping.
 William B. KY  5/20/2017

Beautiful grips, I'll buy from these folks again. AAAA++++
 John L. NY  5/20/2017

Great seller, lightning fast shipping, AAA ++ product, highest recommendation!
 Lee P. NY  5/19/2017

Great replacement product. Good people to deal with and super fast shipping.
 Mickey B. GA  5/16/2017

 Flawless Transaction. Received items quicker than expected and the Seller went out of their way to accommodate combining orders.
Items are Perfect and I appreciate the help! Will def repeat business
Victor L. TX  5/15/2017

Smooth transaction! Good SELLER, good grips.
 Michael W. FL  5/14/2017

 Excellent transaction. Items arrived fast and packaged great. Grips fit very well and look like the originals. Would do business with again.
 Joe S. MN  5/9/2017

Great guy to deal with. Great communications, ships products quickly, products are just as described.
 Thomas S. CA  5/6/2017

Awesome grips, five stars
 Andrew K. AR  5/5/2017

Excellent and prompt service. Quality product.  
 Charles B. OR  5/5/2017

Quality P08 Black Luger grips, now i can store the original grips on the Luger and not worry about them breaking. Thanks for the excellent reproductions.
 Alfred W. MO  5/4/2017

Quick shipping and communications. Pleasure doing business. 
 Keith P. UT  5/4/2017

Great Quality. A+++++ Thanks again
 Brian D. IN  5/2/2017

 Thank you for being so fast on shipping. They were great. I would buy from u again.. I world recommend u very highly
 Paul W. FL  5/1/2017

Very professional!
 James M. FL  4/29/2017

 very fast service, excellent quality set of grips, perfect fit. Would buy again.
 Jefferey C. OH  4/28/2017

 Joel B. TX  4/26/2017

fast shipping I would buy from again from this seller.
 Jim B. AL  4/26/2017

 Great fit...looks fine...shipped quickly...very satisfied...Thanks
 Frank M. FL  4/24/2017

Excellent grips that fit perfectly. Fast shipping and great packing.
 Keith V. MI  4/23/2017

Wonderful company to do business with. Ordered late on Monday had product on Thursday. Yes I will be purchasing from them again.
 Bruce E. AZ  4/22/2017

 A+ Transaction, GREAT follow-up by sales department, they were true to the claim 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
 George E. PA  4/18/2017

Extremely fast shipping parts as expected. Great seller.
 Michael W. AZ  4/18/2017

Excellent customer service. Highly recommended.
 David S. TX  4/15/2017

I order this item from NC Ordnance on Tuesday night and received Friday in Houston, Tx. Grips are snug and timelines exceeded my expectations. Thank you
 Colin D. TX  4/14/2017

I received this in 2 days even when it was shipped across country. Seller was quick to process order and get sent out. The part is a very good reproduction of the original.
 Kelley L. OR  4/14/2017

Item shipped fast and was exactly as described. Good item, good seller!
 Joseph C. IL  4/14/2017

Fastest shipping experienced on GB so far for me. 
 Mark K. SD  4/14/2017

 quality product quick shipping! friendly. will do business with again!
 Fred B. KY  4/11/2017

Great product. Quick and professional transaction. 
 Jack B. TN  4/10/2017

 Kenneth R. ID  4/10/2017

Great communication and fast shipping. Product worked perfectly.
 William C. TX  4/10/2017

Item was as described and transaction went smoothly. I would not hesitate to deal with this individual again.
 Robert B. MI  4/8/2017

Fast and smooth transaction. I would conduct business with them anytime.
 Zachary P. ME  4/3/2017

Excellent service and excellent reproduction grips!
 Rick C. NY  4/3/2017

Outstanding grips. Perfect fit. Thanks!
Paul K. TX  4/2/2017

 Excellent international seller. Gun looked even better in person!!! Extremely happy with it and the transaction was smooth as could be. Excellent communication as well. Would deal with them again!!!!
 Bradley M. Canada  3/27/2017

 Professional service & great quality
 Jason P. MD  3/26/2017

Great People to Buy from.
 Carl S. MS  3/25/2017

Great product, great value, super fast same-day shipping.
 Benjamin F. IL  3/23/2017

Thanks. Like the shipped within 12 hours of receipt too. I got it in a few days.
 James F. CT  3/22/2017

great grips, fit perfect, thanks for the grips buy list, great seller , fast shipping.
 Anthony D. NE  3/22/2017

FAST shipping just as described would buy from again.
 Wilbur E. WV  3/22/2017

 Very fast shipping.Great communication.Beautifully well made grips.Also,they enclosed a brochure showcasing the other grips they make.I am very satisfied with this purchase and I will buy again!
 Otto B. NY  3/20/2017

 Excellent magazine. Prompt delivery. So pleased I ordered 2 more.
Leon G. NJ  3/18/2017

Fit like a glove. 
 Robert M. TX  3/17/2017

 Shipped quickly, good looking grips and fit was better than expected right out of the box. Thank you 
Glenn G. TX  3/17/2017

Fast shipping and item was exactly as described. Would do business again.
 Michael M. CA  3/17/2017

 I was impressed by the way the seller kept me informed of the process and appreciated that extra effort.
 Michael L. IA  3/12/2017

Required very minor fitting on my 39A. I'll put it on when hunting to prevent breaking my original buttplate. Nice logo. Good value.
 Michael S. KY  3/11/2017

Excellent seller! Very nice grips with quick shipping and good communication.
 James V. FL  3/8/2017

 Purchased Goncalo Alvie's Grips for my Ruger New Vaquero, fit is outstanding and the transaction even better. Looks great and they were delivered in record time. I will be buying more from NC Ordinance.
 Philip M. FL  3/8/2017

 Top quality product and packaging.
 Jeff H. VA  3/4/2017

 Grips fit good, well made, good to deal with
 Bruce P. UT  3/4/2017

Item as described fit perfect, would buy again from seller.
 Neal I. PA  3/4/2017

 very fast shipping. great communication. top notch seller
 Gary T. MN  3/3/2017

 Perfect Fit!
 Glenn B. AL  3/1/17

Hello Bill,
I just received your parcel. The replacement plates are a perfect fit (G26 model), on my piece. They just needed to have the holes – at the lower end of the grip plates – deepen and enlarged a bit and presto! they went in like a glove.The frame's metal (male) protrusions are longish and slightly wider than the female ones on the replacement plates G26, but that didn't matter much.Instead, their shallow depth and short depth helped the plates to make a perfect and snug fit to the frame after my intervention.I used a small drill to make room for the flame protrusions so as make the plates to sit so as to not allow any light to pass through, when viewed sideways against a light source. Perfect in every way.Many thanks for your help and superb service/advice as well as for the wonderfully crafted replicas that match the originals.Best regards and have a nice weekend my friend,
Hi Bill, my name is Chris and I recently received a set of Walnut grips for my Smith and Wesson Pistol model 459. I absolutely love the grips and the craftsmanship is outstanding. Thanks for doing such a great job. I was looking through the paper catalog that was sent with the grips and had a question about the Military Branch Insignia engravings. Is it possible to have specially made grips that contain the Ranger tab, airborne, and air assault symbols put on grips that fit the Smith and Wesson Model 459? I received those badges while in the military and would love to put them on my pistol. Thanks. Chris
Hello Bill, My grips arrived today! It took me a while to fit them to my Pietta, but I imagine some fitting should be expected. They look amazing!!! Thank you so much... my Pietta is a totally different gun now!!! Much more of a Cowboy look to it!
Kudos, Thom.

      Thank you for the replacement grips for my Colt Army Special.  I appreciate the fast delivery and quality product.  I will certainly spread the word and be back for more grips. The printed catalog of your products was enjoyable to browse through also! Best Regards
James M.

Received my browning hi power wood grips today-outstanding-better than expected-better than original.

Tyler C.


Dear Sir:

  The fit and finish of your grips is astonishing. (Not a word I ever use) They complete the pistol aesthetically and functionally. It handles better than ever. Thank you so much

, Drake M.


Hello. Received in light-speed fashion my Merwin & Hulbert grips from you. VERY HAPPY! THANKS.

Dave M.


Hi Bill,

 I’m not on any of the social media; but I believe this should give you what you are looking for. It was not an email I sent, rather a telephone conversation The imitation stag grips purchased for my Ruger fit so perfectly and looked so good that I had to try them on my other Ruger.They also fitted and looked great, so I immediately ordered a second set.

They actually fitted to the grip frame better than the original grips or the simulated pearl grips shown on the photos. You have my  permission to use my response and/or the before and after photos shown below. I searched for a long time for stag like grips for my Yours have brought my search to a satisfied end.

Andrew G.

Evening Bill, I  just got home and there are my grips. They look great. I can't wait to show them to my SASS buddies. Thanks again and take care.

Greg L.

Hi ~ Grips came today and they're a perfect fit on my 1882 Lightning! 

Thanks again, Jerry VS

the grip is perfect I love it.



 Hello received the order today Thank you for your speed and professionalism A very soon



John T. AZ  2/28/2017
Very fast delivery. Item exactly as described. Smooth transaction. 
James B. TX  2/24/2017

Grips as advertised. Very happy with transaction. Would do business again with this seller. A++++++++++++++ 
Brian H. OR  2/24/2017
nice grips, shipped promptly. thanks. 
David N. AZ  2/24/2017 
fast service, they look great, thanks 
Noah G. PA  2/21/2017
Quick shipping and nice product for the cost. 
Glenn B. AL  2/16/2017 
Very fast shipping, great communication and an excellent product. 
Jeffrey M. NC  2/15/2017
Super fast delivery. I hope to do business with them again soon. Great product. Fit perfect. 
Tony F. TX  2/12/2017
Absolutely beautiful!! Great transaction and recieved very promptly!!! AAA+++ 
Victor S. TX  2/11/2017 
Great seller. Very fast, communication sent immediately. Package arrived quickly. 
David L. CA  2/11/2017 
Very fast response time, within a matter of hours the product was shipped and I was notified, very professional. I would certainly do business again if given the opportunity. 
Justin R. OK  2/10/2017
Great Product and Fast Shipping Thanks Much and Look Forward to doing business with you in the future!! 
Darin C. IA  2/10/2017
Gorgeous grips arrived in great speed. Very tight fit really renovated old, well used originals.  
Marshall M. WI  2/10/2017
Great transaction,fast, super gunbroker member 
Michael D. NY 2/4/2017
Very pleased 
Robert H. VA  2/3/2017 
Penny D. TX  2/3/2017
Item was perfect, just as described. Very fast shipping, excellent seller! 
Greg M. UT  2/2/2017
Just as advertised Great item Great seller and buying experience. Highly recommend this seller   
Steve R. NE 1/23/2017
Excellent butt plate and perfect match to the broken original. Quick shipment and well packaged. 
Kenny T. TX  1/23/2017
Good communication, quick service. AAA+++ 
Morgan S. TX  1/21/2017
Good Communication and fast shipping Thanx again! AA++ 
Steve M. OH  1/19/2017
Outstanding Seller, Thank You
Milton R. NJ  1/18/2017
Great product, excellent communications.
Juan N. CO  1/17/2017
Arrived on time. Small counter sink for screws required, otherwise very satisfied.
Great seller pleasure to deal with fast ship reasonable price will do business again in the future
William H. SC  1/13/2017
Just Super to deal with.
Frank B. TX  1/12/2017
Great seller. Very smooth transaction and FAST!!!
Jim D. NE  1/11/2017
Grips are a great value. Plus I received them within 72 hours.
Bryan S. OK  1/11/2017
Item as described, fast shipping, no problems. Thanks!!!
Trey T. TX  1/11/2017
Extremely happy thanks
Robert C. MO  1/9/2017
Excellent transaction in all respects: A++++
Mark K. VA  1/8/2017
fast delivery, item as described.
Karl Y. TX  1/4/201
Super fast shipping. Thank you.
Francis W. NY  1/4/2017
great seller, good communication, super fast shipping, great looking grips AAAA++++
Billy S. GA  1/3/2017
Very fast shipping, great to work with!
Donovan H. FL  1/3/2017

Mr. Harvey

Thank you for your prompt response to my order for the above grips, they fit perfectly with some minor ajustments





Great seller fast shipping, A+ 
Jim X. CA 12/30/2016
Great service and beautiful grips as expected! Thank you! 
Austin B. TX  12/29/2016 
grips look great,fit perfect,very fast shipping. thank you
Dennis M. AL  12/27/2016
The Best!! 
Joseph C. FL  12/26/2016
fit perfect, they came quickly very happy  
Ralph P. MN 12/26/2016
There was an issue with the first set I received but the owner of the company was very helpful and willing to help make it right. I would definitely use them again to purchase grips for my guns. 
Randall M. NM  12/23/2016
Everything went smoothly, no hiccups at all and the grips are solid. My Bauer looks great with black grips. 
Mary R. UT  12/21/2016 
High quality reproduction piece. Thanks very much. 
Mark W. WA  12/18/2016
Good item and handled professionally. 
Dart L. IN  12/16/2016
Louis C. PA  12/16/2016
This transaction was totally handled with extreme professionalism. I will definitely buy from these folks again. 
Marvin O. WA 12/15/2016
The seller was so easy to contact and help with my purchase. I would recommend them to anyone and will work with them in the future! 
Randall M. NM 11/27/2016
Good seller with fast shipping. Finally found the right butt plate screw! 
Tom M. PA 12/15/2016
Fast shipping, great communication, great item. Will buy from again. Highly recommended! A+++ 
Andrew C. CO  12/13/2016
Excellent quality, fast shipping. Would recommend.. 
Derick B. CA 12/12/2016
The grips were just as promised. FAST SHIPMENT! Thank You! A++ 
Kenneth D. RI  12/11/2016
Safe, accurate shipment and communication. 
Mike P. IL  12/10/2016 
Excellent transaction, incredibly fast shipping service, excellent communication. Highly recommend seller. 
Dan A. AZ  12/9/2016
Great grips! Always a pleasure doing business with you!
Austin B. TX
Great vendor, fast delivery, dependable 
William H. NJ  12/6/2016 
Great service fast delivery highly recommend 
Jay P. TX  12/6/2016
Great transaction, fast, quality product. Thank you! 
Gerald S. VA  12/5/2016
thanks for the fast service they look great matt 
Matthew M. PA  11/25/2016
As described, fast shipping, great to do business with 
 Gerald B. FL  11/17/2016 

A+: great grips great price 
 Matthew F. MO  11/16/2016 
A++ great seller great service ! 
 Calvin M. TX  11/16/2016 
Very nice product! AAA+++ 
Bob W. OH  11/15/2016 
Very pleasant transaction.  
 Jeffrey L. TX  11/14/2016 
Bought several sets of grips over the years from NC Ordnance, both direct and on Gunbroker. Always top quality and fit and fair pricing. Super fast shipping always! 
James B. OH  11/14/2016
Great to deal with. Pistol Frame 1st class item. Will improve any pistol you put it on. Contact and return calls are quickly done.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 
Oney L. PA  11/13/2016 
Great grips. The fit is perfect. However, the screw was too long and required filing down, not a big deal. Super fast shipping.
Would definately buy more grips! 

Robert C. TX  11/11/2016 

 fast shipping as always, will use again, great seller, thanks  

William B. MI  11/8/2016

excellent item, thank you 
Joseph S. MN  11/8/201

nice item, great communication and super fast shipping. thanks  
Ross K. CA  11/5/2016

Superb in every way!!! 
 Michael H. WA  11/5/2016 

Very pleased with the item I purchased and how quickly I received it. I look forward to doing business with NC Ordinance again. 
 Joseph B. NC  11/5/2016

excellent transaction. highly recommend. 
 Michael N. AL    10/25/2016

Quick shipping , item as described, AAA+++ 
 Rob M. WA  11/1/2016

Item as described, fast shipping, perfect seller, buy with confidence 
 Rodney C. VA  11/1/2016

item was as described. service prompt. would buy again.  
 Alan F. OH  10/29/2016

Another successful transaction. This seller is outstanding to do business with. A++++ 
 Richard T. FL  10/26/2016

Nice grips fast ship
 Andrew K. AR  10/25/2016

Great item, as advertised, shipped promptly. 
 James H. CO   10/25/2016

A+++ transaction grips as described / good communication / fast service / hope to do future business thanks 
 Robert C. GA 10/25/2016

Great communication, fast delivery 
 Kent E., CO  10/24/2016
 Jeff C., OH  10/23/2016

Nice will buy again Thank you!!!!!! 
 Roger A., NV 10/22/2016

Great to deal with! A++ quality, fast shipping, will deal with again!!! 
 Caleb E., Canada  10/20/2016

Good transaction, fast shipping, item was well packed and as advertised Would buy from this seller again  
 Gary E., OK  10/19/2016

seller shipped item immediately after order, I had these grips in two days from half way across the country, great seller! 
 Randall D., NE  10/18/2016

 Walter B., TX  10/18/2016

Excellent product and service! 
 Larrie V., MI  10/17/2016

Great transaction 
 Aaron B., TX  10/10/2016

Quick and efficient! 
 Earl C., MI 10/10/2016

This was an excellent transaction. Items were exactly as described, and shipped VERY quickly. Will absolutely buy from this seller again. 
 David R., CO  10/7/2016

Item just as described 
 Dwayne S., TX  10/6/2016

fast shipping great seller 
 William G., CA  10/6/2016

Just what the doctor ordered!!! Fits perfectly. looks great.   
 David N., TX 10/5/2016

Grips look good and fit well. Thank you.  
 Herbert W., MO  10/3/2016 

This item arrived quickly and was everything I expected. Excellent transaction.   
 Delmar I., KY 10/3/2016

Grips are awesome! I will be ordering more thanks a lot.Thanks 
 Harold B., MO  10/2/2016

Items as described,fast service,well packaged,thanks! 
 James G., PA  9/30/2016

great to work with easy transaction  
 John B., SD 9/28/2016

First rate transaction!!! 
 Charles A., GA  9/28/2016

No disappointments on my end, great service and great product!   
 Matthew J., SD  9/28/2016

Great transaction! Fit perfectly on my 1910 LC 20! 
 Eric S., FL  9/28/2016

Nice item with great shipping thanks 
 Brian V., NC  9/28/2016

good deal thanks 
 William H., PA  9/25/2016

This is a great seller. Nice product. Quick, easy transaction. Thanks!  
 Dyan S., AZ  9/25/2016 '

Wow! Top quality materials and fit. Fast shipping and great service. Will definitely buy from this seller again. 
 David B., AL  9/22/2016

Fast shipping and the grips fit my gun perfectly . I WILL do business with N.C.Ordnance again . 
 Rocky J., OK  9/21/2016

look great,fit perfect,very fast shipping,look forward to future business. thank you
 Dennis M., AL  9/19/2016 

Smooth and fast transaction, A+ 
 Charles C., IL  9/19/2016 

thanks they are almost perfect fit was great to do business with you 
 Dannie W., UT  9/19/2016

Great people to do business with. Thank you, Jim 
 James O., NY  9/19/2016

Delivered in 24 hours!!!!! GREAT!!! 
 Ronnie B., SC  9/15/2016

 Brian J., TX 9/15/2016

Thank you for the very nice grips. They are a very nice fit. 
 Jack M., TX  9/14/2016

Transaction was fast and checkout was the best yet. 
 Brad G., CO   9/6/2016

Fast and highly professional ...thanks! 
 Robert D., CO  9/6/2016

Received items just as promised, fast shipping
 Rick H., TX  9/4/2016

Great seller. Outstanding communication, great product and fast delivery. Would buy from this seller again. Thanks 
Richard T., FL  9/3/2016

Great transaction and good part - thanks!  
 Kevin A., IA  9/2/2016

Arrived quickly and seem good quality. They fit and look great. Would buy from them again. 
 James O., W

Great transaction and product! 
 Errol S., AZ  8/30/2016

as described, prompt response to a question, very fast shipment. 
 Brian E., MI   8/29/2016

Fast and easy! Hope to do more business in the future! Thanks! 
 Bryan S., FL  8/24/2016 

the gun is great. great seller 
Keith P., OH  8/22/2016

as advertised. Quick shipping. 
 William B., SC  8/22/2016

 Absolutely the best service and products possible. Highly recommended ! 
 Bruce K., TN  8/22/2016

Great customer service!! 
 Todd B., VA  8/22/2016

A+ All the way 
 Freddie M., VA  8/21/2016

Item rcvd. Very nice, very prompt. Many thanks. 
 Larry P., GA  8/19/2016

Thanks, your grips fit perfectly!

I received the Stevens 520 buttplate within 2 days of ordering, am am very pleased with quality.
The Gripper carries many high grade grips and buttplaes, and I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.. many thanks,
Larry W.

Received grips today. Thanks for the fast delivery. Have left A++++ feedback. Your a pleasure to do business with.

Thanks for the speedy service. Did you get my request on purchase offer on Custom Buck Knives & genuine stag, new, 1911 grips?
Oh yea, your butt plate and service was ahead of time and super. LOL,HA! Warm regards,
Larry W.

Thank you for the great customer service. The Walnut grips look and feel great on my Colt Police Positive.
Won't hesitate to order from you again !
John in N.Y.

They fit great and look great.  Thanks for the quality customer service!

I received the Pietta Gun grips today and they fit perfectly without any fitting done.
Thank you very much. I look forward to doing business with y'all again. 

Lynn H.



The grips just got here. They are beautiful. I'm quite pleased. Be sure and let me know about the walrus when it's ready. 
Regards, Robert



Mr. Harvey My grips have arrived and they look / feel great. Delivery was prompt - thank you.

VR/ Tim Rose


Dear Mr. Harvey, The ivory grips came Monday in mint condition.  They fit the old Colt as if they came from the Colt custom shop, perfectly.
I was expecting the top of the grips to read "Colt" as per the picture in your advertisement.  It may have been a fast one on I am happy with the smooth version.
It did take awhile to get the grips, I was worried about not getting them.  It seemed there was no way to talk to you and the short tweet email was just that, short.
Anyway, thenaks for the excellent work and fine looking grips!!! Printed see the picture of the grips and pistol together!
When I got back from Vietnam in 1965, I worked for Pinkerton.  The guns like this that they issued us were loose and rattled.  I intend to display this one with a copy of a Pinkerton
John S

You will recall I ordered grips for a Colt Police Positive Special, 32-20.  Gun was quite worn, but I had it re-blued (I don't care about resale value, I'm not going to sell it), your grips fit perfectly, and it's a beautiful little gun.  I'll send a picture.  Thanks
Frank F., Seguin, TX

Thank you.  Your product and service have been great.  I will be ordering more grips.
Tom P.

received your PROMPT refund.....Thanks
Don W.

Bill, The new screw arrived today and worked perfect.  Thank again for your prompt and excellent service.
Thank you.
Tom P.

Hello, Just reporting that the grips came today and the fit/look absolutely perfect, thanks!  I'm a very happy camper.  Will definitely do business with again (maybe for my Ruger revolver next...gonna see what you have for that since I'm not a fan of stag grips).
Justin H.

received what I ordered in a timely manner at a fair price, love the website, new loyal customer.
Ken M

Arrived today and are spectacular. Attached are a couple photos of them
 mounted on my Colt Government 380 that I promised Bill.



Hi Bill,

I bought these grips from you weeks ago. They look and feel great! Today while cleaning out my wallet I saw your card

that came with the delivery and thought you might like to see a picture.

Not bad for an 86 year old gun! It's been in my family since it was manufactured.

Thanks again.

...Nick A. 3/2/2016


  WOW!  Got the MAB grips two hours ago!  They look and fit great!  Unbelievably fast shipping!  What a great company!  I will highly recommend you to my fellow shooters!  thank You!

...Henry T.   7/29/2015

Hello.  Well received grips.  Send fast.  Everything is OK.  Thank you.  Kind regards. A+


...Patrick  7/ 27/2015

 Received my grips today - Thank you for the fast service and the awesome grips they fit perfectly and look great.

...Eric R  8/14/2015

Received old butt plate and your check today.  It is nice to do business with someone who is reliable and honest.  I will keep your company in mind and recommend you to others.  Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.

 ... Paul M 9/25/2015


 Grips fit perfectly!  Thank you for such wonderful service.  Your grips are reasonably priced and well made.  I look forward to buying from you again.

Bill - I wanted to thank you for a great product and the EXTRA fast shipping!  Got the screw set today - only ordered on Friday - unbelievable from NC to Montanna in that short of time - Thanks again.

 ...Andy R 9/8/2015

hi Bill, grips are here.  Very good job, thank you.

 ...Bob P 9/11/2015

I received my gun grips yesterday.  I put them on my gun and they look and fit perfect.  Thanks.

 ...Ronald R   9/29/2015

Received my Ruger Vaquero XR3 Red imitation Buffalo Horn Grips in the mail today.  They fit great on my gun and I could not believe how fast I received them.  Thanks.

 ...Better R  10/5/2015

I have never had an item in the mail to be delivered so quickly.  Ultra professional packaging, too.  I love the grips.  Will be a repeat customer.  Thanks much.

 ... Kendell J.  10/5/2015

  Thank you - thank you - and THANK YOU!  Just got the grips for my .41 Thunderer.  Not only does it shoot like a dream but now it looks like it, too.  They fit like they were poured on.  My first purchase from you but will not be my last.  Can't wait to show her off at our next BBQ!  Thanks again.

...Ron   10/29/2015


Hello Bill, the delivery arrived today. Ware is OK thank you! Further a good time and greetings.


...Bernhard P, Germany  11/9/2015 

Mr. Harvey, The grips arrived yesterday and I could not be happier!  A great addition to the collection.  Best wishes on all your future transaction.  Thanks again!


...Dan  12/1/2015


Bill, they came in the mail today.  They fit like a glove and they are way better than your picture showed.  Thank you.

 ... Pat H  10/31/2015

 ....William C., Texas


 Second time I've done business with you guys.  and it's been a pleasure both times.

...Robert H.

Great communication, fast delivery, excellent product, thank you       

...Ralph B, FL       2/24/2016 

I found it hard to believe just how fast delivery was made. Thanks       


...Douglas H, FL       2/23/2016

 tksBill, your a good man.         


...Terry D, TN        2/22/2016

 super fast shipping. EXCELLENT           


...Robert N, TX          2/21/2016

 Good quality materials.               


...Kevin B, WI         2/19/2016

 Grips required some fitting because they over hung frame slightly. A scribe and fine file made for a perfect fit. Very nice quality grips and seller gave EXCELLENT SERVICE,--HIGHLY RECCOMMEND.                


...James C, OH       2/18/2016


...James N, LA      2/18/2016

 Fast shipping, good looking grips.                     

...Davis S, KY       2/14/2016 

 Fast Shipping ... Great Product .... Thanks 

...Scott A, VA       2/11/2016 

 Great grips Fit great looks Sharp           

...Dana C, NY 2/10/2016 

 Received promptly, Thanks          

...Mark T, TN 2/8/2016 


...Gary H, IL  2/6/2016 

 Had great experience with this seller         

...Michael G, TX 2/3/2016 

 great seller fast and accurate great items thanks       

...David D, NC  2/11/2016 

 Nicely made grips. Good seller... Would buy again...       

...Dale S, CT  2/1/2016

 Super fast shipping. Great to do business with, and nice fit for application.  AAA+++            

...Chuck B, NV  1/30/2016

Great seller. Great grips. I will by buying more.           


...Robbins G, CA  1/29/2016

 Great Transaction, Highly Recommend.               


...David M, MI  1/28/2016



...Richard F, CO  1/28/2016 

Just one word EXCELLENT! The grips I ordered fitted my gun perfectly. Love them. Shipping was super fast. Thank You! 


...Dan D, NC  1/27/2016

Beautiful grips with a perfect fit, can't go wrong.                    

...Mitch M, TX 1/27/2016

Very beautiful grips! Could not be happier :) Totally professional,super fast shipping; Thank you so much
Mark K, OH  1/25/2016

Quick Shipping. Great Product.           


...Kevin I, CA  1/25/2016

Smooth transaction, Item arrived as described, Recommended seller, Thanks


...Douglas W, CO 1/24/2016 

Exactly as advertised. Quick delivery. Great service!                 


...Phillip N, NC  1/22/2016

Great Item, fast shipping A++                   


...Scott S, PA  1/19/2016

very fast already placed another order 


...Jack C, MS  1/19/2016

great service                       


...Richard S, AK  1/18/2016

Truly prompt shipping; excellent packaging; Quality grips that fit as well as originals. Thank you very much! Will look forward to doing more business, and recommending this Company to everyone


...Chris M, WI  1/17/2016



...Paula B, VA  1/14/2016

Seller quick ship                             


...Thomas K, PA 1/14/2016

AAAAAAAAA+++++++++++ FAST SHIPPING THANK YOU!!!!!!                               

...Todd Y, OK 1/14/2016 

 Very happy with this item. Fit and finish is great for my Colt Defender 45. Transaction went smooth and item was shipped quickly with perfect communication. Would not hesitate to buy from again.

 ...James M, TX  1/11/2016

Great item and great seller. A++++ 

... Jonathon L, VA  1/8/2016

 Good folks happy to do business with them 

 ...M Cook, SC 1/8/2016 

Wow!!! You guys rock. Beautiful grips and appreciate the ultra fast shipping. I will definitely buy from you again with confidence. Thank You, A++++++++++++++++++

 ...James M, MN  1/8/2016 

A+ Transaction ,Prompt shipping and item as nice as described !

 ...Russel J, PA  1/6/2016 

Excellent , AAA +++ 

...Richard S, WI  1/5/2016 

A Ok quick service

...Jim J, NE  1/5/2016 

Item as listed, prompt shipment, recommended.

...Jeffrey T, IL  1/3/2016 

Easy to work with, description was spot on. Fast shipping and great packaging. Kept me well informed as to items status. Highly recommend. Will do more business. Thank you

 ...Mark G, CA 12/31/2015 

Great deal on grips for my classic revolver 

 ...Robert C, PA  12/31/2015

Item arrived quickly and exactly as advertised. Great transaction! A++++


...Mark R, IL 12/31/2015 

Fit perfect. Great to do business with. Would definitely use again.


...Thomas M, AZ  12/25/2015

Item sent promptly, thanks.


...Bill E, NJ  12/22/2015

look forward to buying other items from this seller


...Paul M, GA

Fast shipping well packaged well pleased with product Thanks!


...Kenneth B, NC 12/15/2015


Easy transaction, accurate description, nice replacement piece.

...Johnnie W, CO  12/15/2015


Good product at a good price with great service

...Steve J, GA  12/14/2015

A+ smooth transaction, fast shipping and very nice grips that arrived in perfect condition. Thanks NC !


...Rowland F, VA  12/14/2015


Beautiful grips, wife loves them. Great merchant.

...Gary T, NV  12/11/2015

NC Ordnance shipped the same day with online VISA payment, and e-mail confirmation. I highly recommend for replacement grips, etc.


...Jim K, GA  12/9/2015









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